Meetings are held at Mitzels American
Kitchen Restaurant
22330 84th Ave S
Kent, WA 98032
Every Wednesday morning at 7:30am
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We believe we are the city's friendliest networking and referrals group. We are the oldest and only local, open networking breakfast group in the Kent area. We are not part of any national organization. We agree that networking is an important part of growing our businesses, while promoting our brand commitment to others. So, if you would like to meet like-minded business people, why not come along to a meeting and see how, together, we can help your business grow.

Here are just some of the reasons why you should join us:

To expand your network, which is one of the best ways to get your business to grow.

Informal meetings! Yet, while we have a lot of fun, when it comes to business, we are serious about helping each other by offering advice and support, as well as giving referrals.

The club is independent! Your fees go towards running the club, and from time to time, provide for special member events. No money goes to anyone else, and members each have an equal say in how any spare funds are spent.

Missing a meeting is not a crime! We realize that you may not be able to come to every meeting. Optionally, if you have to miss one, it helps if you can send someone else in your place. In addition, a notice would be appreciated.

There is no pressure! While we are all encouraged to make referrals, there is no quota. Good referrals can take time to materialize and we recognize it is often better to not rush them.

Fees are kept low! Membership costs are just $160.00 per quarter, for which you get a full, home-made style breakfast at each meeting. In addition, there is a one-time $50 joining fee.

Quality time. Our weekly location is dedicated to our meeting during our allotted time. Nothing else takes place while we are there.  Many other networking groups take place in restaurants and other places of business.  No outside distractions nor interruptions contrast our meetings.

Business advantages. Our breakfast meetings are generally well attended to allow you to gain new business opportunities. In many cases, the relationships you build can turn into true friendships.
Building Business Through Trusted Business Relationships.
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