Our History

The KBC started in 1994 in a cozy little cafe in the downtown Kent area. Nine local business people, servicing Kent and the local  area, decided to create a referral group based upon the quality of referrals and not the quantity. The original members had visited other nationally sponsored networking groups, that appeared more like a benevolent and protective order, exerting a fair amount of pressure (stress) on their membership. They felt that just doing business was all the stress they needed, and thus promoted a "Friends doing business…with Friends" philosophy.

Members are encouraged, but not required, to exchange business with other members of the Club. In the spirit of that membership, we suggest that club members, at a minimum, have an opportunity to bid on service requests, recognizing one's need for practical decision-making, driven by the combination of price, quality and service.


The main objective of the Breakfast Club is to help our members promote and grow their businesses. By attending our Breakfast Club events, you will have the opportunity to improve your networking skills and build relationships with other members. This could help build a stronger relationship with potential clients and strategic business partners even outside the club. Of course, all this has an extended goal to achieve greater financial prosperity!

Mission Statement

To promote an active membership in the Breakfast Club, to lead to direct business exchanges and referrals resulting from the many new acquaintances, while understanding that benefits derived from this membership will be in direct proportion to the time and effort put forth.
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